Friday, March 2, 2012

Tell me your wish

Arabela and I have been friends for some time now, if I remember well I think we met at a craft fair here in Arad. Am I right Arabela? Our first sewing session happened last December when she taught me how to sew Christmas tree decorations. She is such a creative and a skilled lady and we had so much fun together that we decided to meet again and do some more sewing or whatever it crossed our minds but...we ended up doing more sewing.

{December 2011, me and Arabela, who was wearing a lovely necklace, one of her handmade creations}

Here it is the project that we started together but that we finished separately, which turned out for the better because we ended up treating it like an embroidery marathon with a surprise finish line. Basically we had the same background but each had to come with her own details in the story.

The background goes like this:

there is this one gold fish that will grand you three wishes as long as you treat him well and give him a good name
each person has a gold fish, if not a real one, at least an imaginary one
you have to fully believe in all your wishes
you have to give the gold fish a good deal of attention every day
each pocket carries one wish/person
the wishes are secrets you share with the gold fish.

When turning the gold fish from an anonymous figure to a bright fish with personality we used our imagination in harmony with the sewing needles.

Arabela's gold fish is called Clabucila and he is happily bathing in soap, making bubbles, bubbles. He looks like he is dreaming while indulging himself in the warm water she prepared for him. Is it your handmade soap you treat the gold fish with, Arabela? You sure know how to pamper him!

Mine is called Mulcoghica, which is a play on the word "mulkogi", the Korean for "fish". He swims in the ocean of my illusions and knows Korean, he says: "tell me your wishes".

These being said, I am up for a new challenge!
Or at least for a new round of tea!
Thank you Arabela and see you soon!

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  1. Thank you for the great challenge and for the fun we had together. I hope we will do other projects together and next time we do something you don't know yet ;)