Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Can you believe how lazy I am? HaHa. This is crazy.
I'm here to brag, keke.
Firstly, I finally mastered all Hangul, the Korean alphabet and I'm so freakin' happy about this new experience, although it took me about 2 days. I can write and read now, next is vocabulary and grammar. Bring it on sistar!
Secondly, my hair is behaving again, it keeps growing to my heart's content, yay.
Thirdly, I'm off to London next week for 4 days. YUHU. I keep thinking what to visit, hm something I haven't seen yet. My wishlist is not finished but I'm definitely going to visit Pollocks Toys Museum. How on earth did I miss it last year? Yeah, I know, sorry I asked. Any suggestions?
Anyway I made my lucky pin that will travel with me to London. Meet Mr. Panda, my newest obsession. I have to mention that he is more fluent with English than me, oops.

I've also been working on my own circus called High Bubble Circus, which is still missing a few members.
Here is my favourite member so far >_<

Because pink life and fancy glasses (that I never wear by the way, but that is no the point here) are small bits of my happiness these guys were born.

I guess I'll keep making more, much more. I don't ever want to stop \(>_<)/