Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pixelated eye in a traditional vision

Ten years ago, when I first took a sewing needle in my hands was for doing needlepoint and ever since I was in love with it. Stitch after stitch you create patterns and even complex images, just like a painter. Actually back then I liked to imagine that I paint with the needle and I was so proud of it! ^^
Now I am going to return to needlepoint, finally! I have been thinking about it for some time.
Felt + needlepoint is next!
And I am very pleased enjoying the whole process!
Stay close, it's coming soon....


  1. I adore your shop and thought it would be amazing if you wanted more exposure, to make a tutorial that I could feature on

    :) Let me know! Just leave a comment on any post.


  2. Wow, it looks great! I think it was a good idea :D Everything you do is so beautiful!

  3. That looks great :), can't wait to see more of them