Monday, March 19, 2012

Hedgehog stories in tiny polaroid photos

*Interview with Larry, the hedgehog of my imaginary world*

The adventurous story of a quite conceited hedgehog

1. When was the moment you realized you have a special talent?

When I was a little hedgehog and I found the flower of imagination and decided to plant her in my heart, from that moment I knew I am not a common hedgehog. I must confess I was a great sniffer back then and it's not for bragging that I say this but I believe the present me is even better, if not the best sniffer in my family. It's true I aged a spine or two but I am still invincible when it comes to precision.

2. What was the road to your Garden?

As I have already mentioned, one day I picked the flower of imagination in my heart and since I knew she is a very pretentious little fellow my biggest wish was to prevent her from wilting. In order to do that I had to find a way for her to adapt to my heartbeats, that is to movable land. I watched over her night after night not knowing how to do that. It was a really difficult time for me but I didn't want to give up, I kept searching for an answer and then... one day I came up with the best solution, I taught her roots a few dance steps and voilà... problem solved. Since then my nights have been peaceful, my flowers dance and I sleep.
By the time my flower turned into a small garden I knew I had a great mission to accomplish and so, every year since, I have been taking part in the "Absolute Garden of Illusion" competition.
It's a high-class competition with gardens of all kinds in which I have always succeeded to take home the first prize. But with such a glamorous and big nose like mine it's very difficult to fail, don't you think? Actually, there is no weed that can resist me. (laughs)

3. What is your secret key to success?

I am particularly famous for the fact that I created an ingenious way to recycle weeds, nothing is wasted in my garden. I use my spines to knit unique garments, the weeds are especially perfect for the animals that work underground. They are very durable and protect the skin from getting harmed, I even started an one-hedgehog company called "Greenspine".
I have recently moved to a new neighborhood and have a huge amount of neighbor rabbits around me so in the near future I plan to make knitted clothes for them too. I think it will be a very profitable business, I noticed how
rabbit families tend to be so numerous nowadays.

4. What advice would you give to a young hedgehog?

Keep calm and grow your spines just the way you like it, there is no wrong direction.
And, for the fancy ones, don't forget that too much perfume will freeze your nose, be careful with that.

Thank you so much Larry for letting me embrace you.


  1. Larry is certainly my favourite hedgehog! What a charming interview!

  2. Such a lovely interview. I wonder if he makes his own tea from the flowers ^_^