Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

Hi there. I'm one lazy blogger, I know.
I was really ill during holidays, lucky me.
But now I'm back with some news.
As I promised I got my brain working again, pushed some buttons here and there.
Just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you, so here I go...


1. I became one proud etsy seller. Hourray.
I've been an "etsy stalker" for 2 years now and finally got the courage to step in.
I'm also here from now on:

Please visit often .^_^.

2. My little piggy. She is 3 years old, Pufi is her name, she is a clever piggy and she eats A LOT.
She keeps me smiling that's why I can never get enough of her.
Hey little one say HI.

3. Collectible toys. Best friends ever.
"Zip Zap Zoo make this WISH COME TRUE". I love my Friends with you series I bought last year in London from Playlounge. Really magical toys with whimsical names too.

"Roll us and Spin us and then you will hear,
the secrets of the universe soon become clear.
Now pick your number and hold your breath,
it's time to take your very first step.
We will sing a song for you to help you make that

And my new discovery: Japanese Kokeshi dolls (
I like the smallest ones best.
They are like a big surprise everytime I look at them.


Revealing a new project. Yay.
I loved the Kokeshi dolls so much that I coudn't contain myself and made my own version. I really enjoy crafting them.

This is it. My first longer post.
See you next time.
I'll work really hard , I promise.