Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pop girls

Illustrations are such visual beauties and such a big weakness of mine that I cannot ignore them, never, so I had to share what I found today. Nico, a Japanese illustrator brought a wide smile on my face on this rainy day (no wonder her name is a meaning of "smile" in Japanese).

Overly enthusiast with my discovery, Nico has my heart now.

images: Dutch Uncle


  1. Love these :)
    I am also loving your crafts, so cute!
    P.s thank you for following my blog, I am now a follower of you too.

  2. hey thanks, looking forward to your posts :)

  3. I'm always in the hunt for new artists, so thanks for sharing!

    Also, I'll like to invite you to check-out my giveaway for a chance to win a Vistaquest VQ1015 ENTRY keychain camera.

    ~Have a great day!

  4. Well hi there, just popped back from my visit at your gorgeous Etsy shop!! You make such sweet, cute, sweet and cute works, love love it!!
    Will make a post of it on my blog one fine day, o.k.?
    Wishing you a lovely Tuesday and a great great ** Summer**

  5. WOW! Such beautiful illustrations. What a wonderful discovery! And I am LOVING your artwork too! Just happened to find your blog and your art is AMAZING! Really makes me smile! You are super inspiring! Thank you!

    xo, juliette

  6. hey, i'm blushing now, you are showing me way to much appreciation. he,he :D thank you for your sweet words!

  7. omg what beautiful illustrations! thanks so much for sharing

    AND totally just spent an epic fifteen mins lurking on your etsy page.
    you are the felt master and i am in LOVE with your creations. gosh youre clever x

  8. ha,ha the felt master knocked me up :D thanks a big bunch!!!

  9. Your blog is so cute!

  10. really DIG YOUR BANNER !!!!! :D

  11. The first one is my favorite. It is absolutely adorable.

  12. love the illustrations!


  13. love these illustrations, you blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!