Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello new week!

Do Mondays make you happy? I was always wondering what is the best way to start a week. Do you know some kind of recipe? Can you cook it? Mmmm, I can feel the smell already! Mondays should smell like hot chocolate and... hot chocolate again. Let's use Mr. Wonka's elevator to get there! Hey Charlie, can you hear me?

If you ask me, my Mondays should look like this:

- wake up early (I hate waking up late on Mondays, it feels like sleeping the whole week on a sole night)
- wear comfortable shoes
- ride a horse
- start reading a new book
- buy a house
- plant a tree
- eat Japanese food (yummy!)
- start learning a foreign language (I'm planning to start learning Korean on one lucky Monday of July)
- get a new haircut
- make a promise
- go on a diet? (on a second thought, neh!)
- get a tatoo (yep, this sounds good to me)
- shop for vintage items
- buy an umbrella
- learn a poem
- turn my phone off
- go swimming
- go on a picnic
- blow soap bubbles
What is your trick for a fun Monday? Let's be friends, share it with me!

image: friends with you


  1. fly a kite, kiss a child, laugh, go horsebackriding...sounds great, right?

  2. yep, you're right, added them on my list. nice hearing from you tzuki333 :D

  3. I think we should be allowed to start work/school late on Mondays, like you said! And socialize with loved ones, things like that...

  4. Riding a horse sounds so good :D , i want that too.

    I just wonder how they would look at me at work when i would come with a horse instead of my bycicle :P

  5. HA, HA...Arabela you made my day! I'm still laughing like crazy at your comment :D Thank you!!!

  6. hey - thanks for following my blog. your creations are amazing. i'm heading over to your etsy shop right now.

  7. I like to start my Mondays with lots of awkward bedroom dancing... you know the type you do when no one is watching. That gets me pumped for the day and the week. How can I be in a bad mood lip syncing to Love is Battlefield and singing onto my flat iron ;)

  8. bedroom dancing sounds fun! I usually do my awkward dancing and singing in front of my bathroom mirror with my toothbrush in one hand (there, I said it) although I never get to finish my song because I burst into laugher at my expression, but still feeling really good that no one gets to see me :D
    now that I think about it this is quite a fresh start for a week so let laughter be the best excuse! :P

  9. I think your blog is fantastic. I'm giving you an award. You can pick it up here:

    Thera Joyce

  10. Hi Hana:

    I love all days and always is time to be happy.
    Tomorow I will go to the Mega Artesanal ( It is a very nice event about handcraftmade.

    Simone from Brazil.

  11. ok i'm in love with your blog! i am absolutely following, i just saw you are in Romania, that's amazing! i'm visiting this fall and cannot wait!

    my boyfriend lived there for a semester and worked in an orphanage, i don't know what part though!

    have a fabulous day!

  12. Wow, it's nice to hear that you are coming to visit my country, wish I can say the same thing about yours :D Hope you'll have a wonderful journey!

  13. I'm in for riding the horse, getting a tattoo, eating Japanese and blowing bubbles! ♥

  14. what a perfect Monday you write about~! I agree, Mondays should be like this!!! very inspiring.