Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coffee House anyone?

Nice to meet you Coffee House! Yes, you are LOVED.
Ok, so I've been watching 6 episodes of Coffee House and WOW, I love every detail in this drama. The story is engaging, the most inventive drama I've watched so far!
I've seen some of the kdrama cliches (if you are a kdrama enthusiast, you know what I talk about :P) twisted in such a way that I can't stop wanting for more, it makes the story funny and real, the antidote that works for me to like the characters.
Postponed for three weeks because of the World Cup football championship, I'm more eager to watch the next episodes but still there is nothing I can do but wait. Meanwhile I'll be drawing some new girls for my etsy shop, while picking up my rubber I found some new ideas under my desk.
Talk to you soon.

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