Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Children of another planet

My spirit is like a ball of yarn, knit one, purl one. If I keep knitting my sweater will grow until it will fit me and keep me warm. I am following no pattern, when I need to knit two I knit them. I grow row by row but at times I can't help myself from thinking "I'm going to skip a stitch and make a hole, take that."
Whenever I reach an end I ask myself "Do I really need to find silk in order to be happy?"
My boyfriend joins me in this journey, he is quite bad at knitting, keeps losing the needles on the way but he always knocks the door of my world with postcards, books or flowers in his hands and a warm smile on his face. He is a good child, although taller than me.

Treats for the children that live in me and sometimes leave me to jump the ropes of twisted stitches.

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