Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Black Desk

My mini studio is literally situated behind the curtains of the second hand bookshop I run together with my boyfriend. It's really small, crammed with books and with a poor light, is true that I would have loved at least a window but still I am having a good time here, the space where I create.
In one corner I have my black desk, when I am not sewing here is where I spend my time, drawing and studying.

This picture was taken before the redecoration of my walls.

This is how I work: messy sketches and messy thoughts.

These are the boxes in which my work travels from home to my studio and vice versa and also my curent work in progress.

I use only two sccissors, lots of sewing thread, lots of tiny paper patterns and of course a big bunch of felt.

The wall in front of me is an inspirational corner, you can see here my first sneak peek girl drawing, it was supposed to be much bigger.

In the end, I used the initial drawing and made myself a big stuffed pin :)


  1. I love your work!
    My brooch has already arrived and I love it!
    It is really interesting for someone to look behind the scenes! Congrats once again :)

  2. your place is adorable! I've seen it before in pics, but I love seeing work in progress!

  3. la boom!: Hello Tatiana :) I know that you received the pins I saw the awesome feedback you left me. Thank you so much for everything :D I am utterly delighted that you love the pins that you bought! your words are my reward, thank you for your appreciation.

    kittenhood: keke, tricky, tricky :P I also love to see the work in progress of other artists. thanks so much for visiting and for letting me know that you came :D

    your comments make me happy

  4. Your workspace is really great and seems so cozy!

  5. hey Anca :) it's indeed cozy for me but really small I always have to be careful not to step on books, keke.

  6. Alina - thank you so much for purchasing my ring!! : D I'll get it out in the mail tomorrow! <3 <3

    And your workspace is awesome - i had no idea you ran a second hand bookstore! That's awesome! I too work very messily and have everything scattered everywhere! Glad to see I'm not the only one! ; )

  7. Hi Alina - it's so lovely to see your work space! Thanks for sharing, it looks cosy and creative :D Thanks also for your congratulations and lovely words about Elora! I'm loving being a mum, I'm lucky to have such a good baby :) Lots of love to you, I hope you are doing well! xoxo

  8. I am sooooo excited to wear the cutest ring ever :D thanks so much!

    we have been running a second hand bookstore for almost 4 years :)

    sometimes it gets messier than this :P

    Hello Bee,
    You are indeed one lucky mom to have such an amazing little girl, you must be really proud! I was so happy to see her picture, Elora is adorable! thank you for your visit :D

    Love you all :)

  9. Hi Alina! :)
    I love your work!!! I'm following you!
    Love from Torino, Italy

  10. I love seeing peoples work corners~
    Love your "clothes line" of inspirational images!

  11. Tee-hee! Little black desk...
    You have a great blog over here! Glad to have found it!

  12. thank you! I am glad you are here :D