Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Summer Breeze: turning pages

Welcome on board!
Sailing through hardcovers.
Sliding on paperbacks.
This is the ocean of unknown words.
The Journey begins with a pair of eyes.

Look for the final destination: "soulcracker".

This is the art of Justin Wallis from MILKBBI, a recent discovery. I so love everything he does! The postcards are adorable and the illustrated book is beyond words, colorful and cute!

Red velvet curtains to hide my studio.

Boyfriend working with books, books, books and.... ah yeah, books.

Mad piles of books.
They never listen, never stay in place.
And when the time comes to rebel, they do it domino style.

Lastly, when nothing makes sense I paint my nails and read this book.


  1. Nice to put a face to the name! :-)

    That's quite a bookshop your boyfriend works in. Is it one of those shops where you can get lost among the isles?

  2. Hello Irit :D
    This is our bookstore and is quite small actually :) You cannot get lost among the isles but you can sometimes hit an iceberg among the shelves :D

  3. Ohhh this looks sooo nice!! Books and craft are de perfect mix!

    I am going to folow you just now!!