Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Korean, my love

From today onwards I am an "international learner". I am sticking my nose in this book that I have recently bought. I am now studying from two books at the same time which at some point can become a little chaotic but let's say I am not afraid of messing my mind.
As much as I didn't want to admit it to myself, in the end I have to say it, self-study is at times really painful because it's such a slow process, plus, not having someone to practice the language with gives you a sense that everything you do is hopeless. But then again every time I feel I am about to lose hope there is something that draws me back. I guess I am forever tied to this language. Don't get me wrong, Korean is not a burden for me but more like the longest journey I have ever dared to take on my shoulders.
I know, patience is the key but at times patience seems a mountain I'll never be able to climb.

I just felt like sharing this with you and also wanted to get me motivated by marking this day.
By the way, how do you get motivated?


  1. heeey, sweet that you're learning Korean! I'm trying as well, but only beginning, so nothing much to tell you...but what I had with Japanese, was watching movies and listening to music and then being so happy to understand something! My first experience to actually speak Japanese was a formal interview in a Japanese embassy, I was scared as hell, but afterwards felt really proud of myself ^^ and not afraid to try to speak Japanese anymore ^^ good luck with your studies!

  2. Hello Ieva, thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! this gave me courage to never give up. knowing there are more people who are striving too makes me want to do my best too. I'm also a beginner, although I have been speaking Korean with a Korean person, although I was not able to say as much as I would have wished. anyways, experiences like this encourage one to continue. I am also listening and watching movies everyday, I learn A LOT like this, really.
    You should continue with Korean, what can I say, this is my favorite language in the whole world, no exaggeration added :D
    I have been learning for a year now and the fact that I start to understand more and more and that I can learn a lot quicker motivates me and brings a lot of joy to my heart, but you should be able to understand what I am talking about since Japanese is not an easy language either. Big congrats for mastering it really!
    good luck to you too, if there are things about Korean language you want to share with me feel free to do it :)