Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hidden addenda {Part II} - Renegade Craft Fair London

I'm a little late in talking about this but anyway, I am going to do it.
Renegade Craft Fair wasn't the craft fair I had in mind, it was even better.
Calm and crafty atmosphere with artists smiling and working all around you.
Incredible item presentation and quality.
It was "a best" weekend spent in London.
I came back home with a doll from ninon. With beautiful long legs, amazing orange boots with a ribbon on top and a fancy mint lace as a collar. Her name is Gloria-Jean Dupré, according to the tag Tania attached to her but guess what? I changed it. Don't get mad at me Tania!
I named her Caroline.
She now lives in my studio. I might give her a miniature self-portrait one day. She knows how to thread needles and constantly gives instructions to the other toys in my studio to keep quiet while I am at my busy working hours. She has become and indispensable presence here.

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