Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hidden addenda {Part I}

So it was London.
Long walks. Big red buses. Busy colorful markets. No rain. People, many people and their mysterious words. A craft fair. Lots of painful steps but who remembers those now. Tasty Korean and Japanese food. Our Italian room neighbors. Busy streets with busy people who keep saying sorry. Any amount of books. The serious yet playful museum atmosphere. Interminable tube tunnels. London is a fun friend to be with.
London is also a frightening one. Close your eyes once and it swallows you completely.
London can feel like home too, for 5 days.
It calls me back year after year but London is not my home.
You know the saying "home is where your heart is." I decided. London can have my tourist heart, completely for now but it will most probably have to share it later.


  1. Beautiful, like poetry. It makes me feel a bit sad when you say that year after year London calls you, but it's not your home.