Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forgotten panda

Last evening while preparing some pins for photos I gazed at Viktor as I have been doing for the last 2 months already. I love amigurumi toys so much and like 2 months ago with some cotton yarn and a crochet hook in my hands I decided to give it a go and design my first amigurumi ever, of course it had to be a panda! But for some reasons I haven't been able to finish him. I am so sorry Viktor!!! (which by the way is a borrowed name until I find a good Korean one for him). He needs one more leg and the arms. I love him so much! I was actually completely absorbed in making him for 5 days and then I suddenly abandoned him like that and not to mention that he is the perfect amigurumi panda from my imagination!
I plan to treat him with a special post once he is ready.
Hopefully really soon!


  1. Viktor looks cute even when only half-finished :)

  2. He is still cute, so neat that he stems from your imagination ^_^ I like your work station