Monday, March 14, 2011

Felt Swirls

I have started a new collection of pins called
WonderHAT Swirl
Odd hats for dizzy heads x 100

I am going to design 100 unusual hats for 100 eccentic girls. For how long? Hopefully not forever. These are no 1 and 2. I am full of enthusiasm at the moment and so curious to swim through all the depths of my imagination.

Also, last week I ordered some felt from lupin which is run by lovely Laura, who is an amazing artist herself. Apart from the fact that I got it in a record time, only 4 days, it's absolutely fabulous so I couldn't stop myself from ordering more. As you can see I have already used it for no 3 of my WonderHATs.
Thank you so much Laura, these new colours gave me the refreshing emotion that I was working with felt for the first time!