Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Memories from a distant star

Imagine travelling on foot, we would have travelled in time for sure :P

We left early and got to see the sunrise

I'm back from my journey to my grandparents whom I see once a year because of the cruel distance that lives between us. Twenty four hours spent on the road made me realize that we weren't going for a drive but then again every long journey is tiring. Together with my grandparents I so missed the mountains too, got to see them on the way, they seem bigger to me everytime.

My time with my grandparents was short but I don't regret it because I came back with new memories to treasure. Is so strange to listen to your grandmother speaking about her past, about the days when she was young, is like hearing a story from another world, a world in which I will never be able to enter. I realized that I will never be able to know her, my grandmother is out of reach for me. Thinking like that makes me a little sad, life sure is unfair. My grandmother was a tailor all her life, she practically spent half of her life with the sewing machine but what impressed me the most was the moment she said that she made her own wedding dress. How cool is that? Ironically I cannot handle the sewing machine, in fact I'm kind of scared of it, ha, but I still don't know why. I do all my sewing using my hands, glad I have them, maybe someday I'll try to tame the monster that lives next to my bed in complete silence. Will a kiss do?

Me, my love, my parents and my gradma :)

My little cousin and my grandma's sewing, every detail in there :D


  1. Long drives are not fun at times, but some can be really worth the journey, yes? Sounds like you had a good time, regardless of some sadness. All of my grandparents are now finally gone. I miss my father's mother the most - as we were the closest. Many days, it feels as if she is still here.

    Take care. :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, after all I guess I can call myself lucky, I still have all my four grandparents alive and cannot imagine life without them. hugs.

  3. sweet post.


    hope you stop by and say hello.

  4. lovely post alina. i love seeing other parts of the world so thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. the pictures are lovely.
    im sure you had fun with your grandparents :]

  6. This is such a lovely post, thank you for sharing it, your work is beautiful x x x

  7. Lovely pictures!

    Following you now to see more pretty pictures soon. :)

  8. What a lovely, lovely blog! I am looking forward to reading and seeing more of your wonderful adventures!

  9. Lovely scenery! Your cousin's outfit is adorable!

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  10. Nice pictures, good blog!

  11. Happy friend's day.
    I loved this post.
    Congratulations for your family.

    Simone from Brazil.

  12. Nice posting and photos, and your cousin is really cute~ Thank you for sharing~

  13. your blog is lovely! the colours are super pretty :D

    xx rena.

    come by and take a wander sometime?

  14. me i plant flowers in my secret garden

  15. very nice photoooooos !!! =)